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While poplar comes in other colors most people think of the white, textured bark of this tree when they think of Poplars.

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White is a pure color, often used to represent things that are untainted and wholesome. The meaning we can gain from this is that none of us is without fault. We grow and learn, and get wrinkles along the way, but can still become a thing of beauty. Straight and narrow — that is the message of the Poplar; stick to it! Get yourself grounded in truth. It may also portend happiness and prosperity.

You can learn more about trees appearing in your dream by referring to our dream dictionary. Poplar gets its name from the genus Populus.

This name dates back to the roman custom of using poplar on the edges of public meeting spaces another tie to kinship. Folk remedies recommend spring harvested Poplar bark as a general tonic, particularly to allay fever and diarrhea. It has astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. When used as part of the Balm of Gilead, poplar buds stimulate. In tea they clean out kidneys. Poplar tree sap makes a good external ointment for bruises.

Poplar wood or incense made from its wood is used frequently in magical workings for change and success. It carries the vibration of foresight, protection, diligence, powerful speech, renewal and healing.

Note that the Balm of Gilead includes Poplar as a component. Healers carried this in their kits often giving to those who suffered broken heartedness or grief. As an element in charms, Poplar features regularly in protective workings getting this symbolism from its early use in shield making.

Poplar Man

Carrying a poplar charm or talisman also attracts money and solid financial foundations. Practitioners who astral travel use Poplar leaves as an aid along with adding poplar to flying ointments. The Poplar spirit is a keen guide into the world of divination and seeing true, as well as a bridge-builder between Earth and Spirit realms. Practitioners from various magical traditions like using poplar in divination wands and pendulums. Beyond this, the Poplar tree appears in Celtic Tree Astrology as an emblem of confident choices, creativity, organization, reliability and trust.

In Numerology Poplar reduces to 6, which is a harmonious number reflecting health, safety, education, community, and strong ties with the Great Mother. As sure as the Poplar roots hold it firm, the 6 vibration further supports group togetherness. Under the shade of a Poplar families or groups come together.

This is an ideal location for rituals focused on forgiveness, justice or bonding. Poplar, like the 6 is also a good confidant. If you need a good cry or just to vent, seek her out. Celtic horoscope Celtic druids had a great impact not only on the English, Irish, Scottish and Germans but also on the neighboring nations up to the 4th or 5th century.

Elm Cypress Poplar 4. Cedar 9. Pine Willow 1. Lime Oak Hazel Rowan 1. Maple Walnut Yew 1.

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Chestnut Ash Hornbeam 4. Fig Apple Fir 5. Poplar 5.

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