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Aries, you have many admirers and some of them are from a distant. You may sense that there's love all around you but not need to react in kind. Instead, give yourself permission to feel comfortable in your skin and embrace your beauty. Taurus, a situation that seemed to be hopeless will now begin to blossom, but you may no longer be interested or ready to invest your time again. You may have felt that you wasted time in the past and now, you are guarding it until you see that it's wise for you to change your mind if at all.

Gemini, your playful and giddy side is ready to reveal but first, you want to know where you stand in your relationship. A part of you isn't really interested in diving in fully yet. You may just want to play the scene for now and see how things turn out.

January 26th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Cancer, a dream or a passionate relationship appears to be more like a reality but you're not ready to show that to the world. Keep your feelings tucked closely to your heart.

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Leo, is it time for you to think about life, again? Your contemplative side comes out again but this time there's something that's got your attention. You may be playing hard to get, but don't do this for long or else you'll miss out on a fleeting experience. Virgo, the mask comes off today and you let your hair down a little more than usual.

Things may feel lighter and carefree when it come to love. This is a time to have fun.

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Libra, you are in a position where you feel you can trust your heart and for now, this is exactly where you want to be. Don't rush forward or back, simply learn and observe as much as you can where you are.

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Scorpio, you are stronger today than you were yesterday and you'll be stronger tomorrow than you are now. You may be feeling this process of growth from deep within and wishing for it to move faster. Take this time to allow things to happen naturally and let time set the pace. Sagittarius, your intuitive side may feel a bit less clear today but this could be due to focusing on something from the wrong perspective. Take a time out to get clear on where you are why you feel you have to take a step back. Capricorn, for whatever reason you are in mood to get up and go and think later.

Leo Monthly Horoscope: October | derrickbillstonfop.tk

Perhaps you're so busy with work and getting things done that there seems less time for the luxury of thinking. This weekend, take time for yourself so you can reconnect with your self. Aquarius, today, you may not feel like socializing as much as usual. Perhaps you simply need to get recentered and do some self care. Romance may be around the corner and it's a good time for you to remind yourself what you like most. Pisces, the softer side of you and those you love come out more today.

It's a day to express little sentiments of love that are meaningful in ways that show your gentle nature. You can find her stargazing or on Facebook.

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