Libra daily horoscope february 22

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By the afternoon, the Moon squares off with Saturn in Capricorn, which could put a damper on the mood or have us feeling crankier than usual. Under this Moon-Saturn combination a little self-care goes a long way, so does leaning on others for support instead of trying to soldier through a problem alone. Later in the afternoon, Mercury in dreamy Pisces squares off with expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius; turning up the fog and preventing us from seeing things as clearly as we should. While this combo could be good for creative work and inspiration, it's not so good for making major decisions or trying to achieve clarity about a situation.

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By late tonight, the Libra Moon squares off with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, which could stir up drama when it comes to love and relationships. With love planet Venus and power-hungry Pluto also standing side by side, the drama could get pretty intense. The best way to handle this cosmic combination is examine the unhealthy dynamics in the way that we mate and relate and do what we can to change things around. Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign today, and be sure to check out your February horoscope. Your boss or someone that works above you could get under your skin today.

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It's important that you don't give this person too much of your power. If this has been an ongoing issue, it could give you the push you need to move on to something better. Overall, try a different approach. You or someone else could be putting some unecessary or lofty demands on you today. While you usually go above and beyond to support others, be mindful of taking on more than you can chew today. The best thing is to be honest with yourself and others about what you can do. When it comes to love and romance, someone you're seeing might not be able to give you the emotional depth you're craving now.

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As such, you may need to be upfront with them and honest with yourself about what you need. If all else fails, there's plenty more fish in the sea. Some compromise may be called for when it comes to you and your partner or a family member.

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Though at the same time, if you find yourself always being the one to compromise, don't feel guilty about focusing on your own well-being. Either way, speak your truth. You could be obsessing over something or someone today which could give you more stress than the situation may be worth.


Instead of trying to make a decision or come to a solution right away, take a step back from the problem and give yourself a moment to breathe. Have a little fun. In terms of a romantic situation, you may need to take a step back and ask yourself if someone you're connecting with might be worth all of the trouble that they may be putting you through.

There are certainly some tempestuous conditions in the air, but by no means will current developments be difficult. Much depends on your attitude; in other words, on your willingness to welcome change and accept criticism.

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Now that the Moon is so positive, you may demand your fair share of attention. Domestic questions are likely to be more important than public ambitions, and you will have to settle private matters before turning your gaze to the demands of the big wide world. Even those with whom you have had fairly straightforward connections in the past, now seem to be making quite outrageous demands.

You have been weighed down with responsibilities, perhaps forced to adjust to a different lifestyle. No two Virgos are exactly alike, but if you are loosely typical of your birth sign you may now have to extricate yourself from one particular burdensome association. One last bound and you should be free!

Only by distancing yourself from people who have tried to dominate you, will you find the perfect solution to current personal differences. Ambitious Librans must wait another month or so for plans to come to fruition, but patience, as you know, is a virtue. Light may be shining on hidden areas of your life right now.

Venus and Mars, a bright celestial duo if ever there was one, are making very helpful headway into your domestic and family affairs, revealing that the way forward lies through love and friendship.