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Follow Jothidar Simmaa and explore their bibliography from Amazon. Another conclusion of this study was that users are keener in editing a wiki in groups. The research also showed that students consider the educational value of wikis to be the same or higher than other learning methods. Methodology The aim of the present research is to study the facilitators and inhibitors of wiki diffusion in Greek students.


In order to accomplish this task, four facilitators and one inhibitor were used and a conceptual model was constructed. This model is a synthesis of the models used by Hester and Scott, and Abrantes et al. A ques- tionnaire was developed and distributed to high school students in order to fnd which factors af- fect wiki diffusion. Before presenting the confr- matory factor analysis, linear regression analysis and the results of the factors used are analyzed us- ing past literature.

The base for every technology implementa- tion research is the model developed by Roger , but to analyze the model proposed in the present study, it is important to present the Moore and Benbasat model that was developed in order to measure individual comprehension in accepting an information technology innova- tion. Moore and Benbasat used relative advantage and compatibility, as two of the relevant factors. The aforementioned factors, plus complexity, are also taken into consideration in Fichmans model Moreover, as mentioned by Beatty et al. Accord- ing to Fichman , Fiol and OConnor and Swanson and Ramiller , the decision to implement any technology is positively connected to compatibility, an element which generally plays a major role in innovation.

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The third determinant used in our model is com- plexity. In the works of Roger and Moore and Benbasat complexity is claimed to be negatively related with the adaptation of any in- novation theory. Dedrick and J.

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  7. West and R. Agarwal and J. Prasad also agree that when users assume that a technology is complex, they are less likely to implement it. Another deter- minant of the model used in the present research is the personal interests of the students. The research by Abrantes et al. Wikis are used by ed- ucators in order to intrigue the learners curiosity and boost the learning performance. As supported by Abrantes et al.

    Finally, in the proposed model the last determi- nant affecting wiki diffusion is professor motiva- tion. As Marks and Young et al. This research was conducted among Greek students attending the fnal class of high school in the area of Eastern Macedonia of Greece.

    Eastern Macedonia is comprised of two prefectures Drama and Kavala. From the capital cities of these two prefectures three high schools were randomly chosen. The sample population of the research was students. Factor analysis and linear regression analysis were conducted to examine the factors that affect wiki diffusion. As illustrated in Figure 1, the mod- el examines the impact of each factor on wiki dif- fusion. Multiple regression analysis revealed the beta values 1,.

    The greater the beta value of a factor, the stronger the relationship between wiki diffusion and this particular factor.


    Conceptual Model Thus are formed fve cases to examine the de- terminants of diffusion wiki in the Greek educa- tional system. Following Hester and Scott , the frst hypothesis concerns the relative advan- tage that the student might obtain by searching information over the internet using various wikis. Therefore, the frst hypothesis is formulated as H 1 : Relative advantage is a determinant of wiki diffusion. In the same sense, compatibility is the next wiki diffusion driver that is examined.

    We assume that if wikis are compatible with the software sys- tems Greek student use such as Offce, Adobe Acrobat, Flash and so on , the expansion of wikis is facilitated.

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    This driver was also used by Hester and Scott for their theoretical approach of wiki technology diffusion. Therefore, the second hypothesis is formed as: H 2 : Compatibility is a determinant of wiki dif- fusion. Moreover, as mentioned before, our model also examines one inhibitor of wiki diffusion.

    Based on the literature it is assumed that complexity is a fac- tor that averts students from using wikis in order to retrieve information Hester and Scott, We assume that the simpler it is for students on that level of the educational system to search in- formation using wikis, the wider the expansion of wikis will be.

    For that reason we hypothesize that H3: Complexity is an inhibitor of wiki diffu- sion. The fourth factor examined, is the students personal interest for information searching and gathering over the internet. We added this factor motivated by the study of Abrantes et al. The hypothesis to be examined is H 4 : Student personal interest is a determinant of wiki diffusion. Following the studies of Abrantes et al. There- fore, the last hypothesis becomes as H 5 : Professor motivation for information search- ing over the internet leads to the diffusion of wikis.

    Sanja milicevic astrolog

    Results and Statistical analysis 4. On the other hand, Bartletts test of sphericity is an indicator of the appropriateness of the factor model used Raftery, In the analysis of the present work, the results of both tests are consid- ered to be acceptable, since the KMO measure is 0, higher that the 0. Since the results of the aforementioned tests proved the suit- ability of the sample for statistical analysis, confr- matory factor analysis was conducted to examine the weights of the items used in the questionnaire. Cronbachs alpha fgures indicate acceptable reli- ability level for the fve factors, since they are all greater than 0,7 Hutcheson and Sofroniou, Factor 1 - Relative Advantage Table 2.

    In the following linear regression equation, let represent the constant value and represent the error in the calculation that cannot be totally eliminated. The dependent variable is the frst question in the questionnaire, in which students are asked whether they are fa- miliar with websites where the content can be cre- ated, modifed and updated automatically by any user via a web browser.

    In order to assess the effect of each variable on wiki diffusion, the beta values of the model corre- Table 1. The next table presents the models analysis of variance. The val- ue F designates that the slopes 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 are non-zero and can be used for the analysis. More- over, the sig. Value of 0, indicates the statisti- cal signifcance of the test at the 1 per cent conf- dence level Hutcheson and Sofroniou, Based on table 8, it can be inferred that from all the variables examined in this study, student personal interest is the most signifcant facilitator of wiki dif- fusion, since it has the greatest beta value 0, In consistence with the theory, complexity has proved to be an inhibitor of wiki diffusion and, therefore, it has a negative beta value.

    Professor motivation and relative advantage are also important drivers of wiki diffusion.