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Any date in the Gregorian calendar can be converted into a corresponding one in the Maya calendar system. Use this interactive tool to convert Gregorian calendar dates into the Maya calendar system. To convert a date, begin by selecting the month from the drop down menu, next type in the day and year. Click the Convert Button to view the corresponding Maya Long Count date, both visually and numerically.

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For BCE dates enter a negative year number. It tells us about the relationship among all things, including the animals, the land, humans, and everything in the cosmos. Tzolk'in Date:. Lord of the Night G8 in this example : A glyph that represents one the nine deities of the Maya Underworld. They do not need to prove their authority to anyone, but they are the one that is sought, when problems arise, for their wise counsel.

The true leader has compassion and love perfectly balanced with authority and strength. They carry a blend of what we would call yin compassion and yang strength energies which make them complete. This is all in addition to the connection that Aj has to the Heart of the Earth and Heart of the Sky.

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Allow the wise counsel of the wholeness of the nawal Aj to arbitrate in disputes and seek resolution. This in turn will bring strength and harmony to all who are involved. A true leader also has experience, and here we see the 8 incorporating the 1 and the 7, the birth and the death, the highs and the lows of life. We draw our wisdom and strength from both aspects, so that we can sustain others through their dark times.

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It is also a day on which we may ask Aj to bring this strength to us should we be in need of it at the moment. The ability to work with the otherworld through meditation and ceremony is of course important, but transformation cannot take place if this is not grounded into the physical. The experiences in this world give us the backbone to undergo true transformation. Whilst the earlier days of the trecena may have been rather challenging, the latter days bring the reward for passing the challenges.

This is a day to enjoy with your family and your home. We sustain them and they sustain us.

The nawal Aj is related to many things which generally revolve around leadership on an earthly level. It is sometimes known as the cornstalk, sometimes the staff of life. It represents the spinal column within the body, that which allows us to stand tall, proud and brave.

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As the cornstalk, it has its roots in the Earth, and its head in the sky. As we are the people of maize, if we wish to lead in a just manner, we should cultivate our connection with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth. At the top of the tablet you see a bird, which represents the Heart of the Sky, the face with the large rectangular crossed eyes at the base of the cross represents the Heart of the Earth.

The foliated cross is a stylised maize plant with the heads of humans emerging. This is Aj bringing life to the world. It is the central pillar, that which supports life. It is represented by the staffs carried by the elders of Mayan communities to this day.

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Aj is an authority, it is gentle, yet noble. It does not seek the limelight. This is a day that seeks sustenance for its people, that keeps everything in its rightful place.

It is a day where we ask for the courage and bravery to stand up straight and tall, to do the right thing. The number 8 is considered to be a number of wholeness.

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It can be seen as birth 1 and death 7 combined to represent the whole cycle of the soul. It can also be seen as the point where the four first men who raised the sky from the sea were joined by their wives and the world become whole. It is the most common day for ceremonies to be made, it is still in the balanced range of numbers and is an even number, which is also considered fortunate.

When we have journeyed through life, there is no doubt we have accumulated knowledge, understanding and perhaps even wisdom through our experiences. The path never really ends, one journey will always lead to another. However, we may come to a point where a particular stage comes to a culmination.

In the physical journey this is obvious, we reach our destination, possibly the top of the mountain. But when we get to the top of the mountain, what do we see? Possibilities of new journeys as we are able to see all the paths leading to other mountains. We might rest and enjoy the view for a while as we consider our options, but it is essential that that we move on. To do this we need to make a decision on our direction using the experience of the path we just completed to guide us. From the top of the mountain, the end of the ascending path, we can see everywhere we went, and everything we experienced, on our journey to get there.

Our successes and failures, out defeats and our victories, our tears and our smiles. Today is a day of bringing closure to a part of our life, a journey that has been completed. Within the solar calendar, today marks the beginning of a new month as we travel through the solar year. This should mark the point in time where that first sowing of maize, which took place days ago, is ripened and ready, marking the beginning of the maize harvesting season.

It should also mark the point in the year where the rain ceases to fall and we move into the dry months before the new Year Lord takes his seat in days time. It is particularly interesting that this takes place on the astronomical cross quarter day of Samhain. This point of the year is exactly midway between the Equinox and the Solstice, and was considered the first day of winter in the Celtic calendar. It is seen as the death of the Sun god, the sun descending into the underworld, where it will remain until Imbolc Feb 3rd Regardless of the hemisphere and whether it is seen as the beginning of winter or the beginning of summer, there is a particular alignment which is happening, which is said to be an opening of portals to the otherworld.

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Perhaps rather than just seeing it as where the sun shines on the Earth, we could think of it as how the sun interacts with our magnetosphere. This could suggest that the power of the year lord will go through a change at this point of the year, the original strength diminished after being used throughout the growing season.

The year lord could be seen as having done his work and now enters a period of retirement, so perhaps the intensity this year lord has been demonstrating may be softened. It can be a thrill seeker, and sometimes will take risks to understand what it is examining. This can give rise to a lack of direction, aimless wandering. It may not know exactly where it is going, but it will when it gets there.

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It is a day to find or remember your path, a day to ask for your path to be cleared of obstructions, and a day to ask for guidance and protection on your path. If we imagine the numbers 1 through 13 as a pyramid, the number seven would be at the top. While this may be very noble, it may lead to indecision. This which would seem strange as it is only half way through the journey.

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The numbers 1 and 7 embrace all other numbers as they appear in the sequence of nawales, and thus give a suggestion of beginnings and endings. This could be seen as the day on which masterpieces are created, with some divine assistance. What kind of masterpiece you create will be up to you.

Today is a powerful day for stabilising the reality you choose for yourself. It is just as comfortable painting, as it is playing music or writing. The arts come naturally to this nawal. This can lead to a certain arrogance around those who fail to achieve their standard of excellence. It is the nawal of the born entertainer, who can sing, dance and play all at once.

It is a particularly fun loving nawal that feeds on the adoration of the crowd that it pleases.