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Rajapaksa deserves no position and no sympathy. He deserves to be exposed and held accountable. The fact that most people in the world would jump at the chance to emigrate to the US tells me so. Sri Lanka had pre-historic human settlements dating back to at least , years. We are talking about recorded history. When Sri Lanka had a language and religion, British were still living in caves.

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As per America, America would die to have a history like Sri Lanka. Instead, they keep creating history every second, and reminding people that history is on the make. George Washington is a big thing for them. Sri Lanka has had her history in-Island. They did not need to go and conquer and destroy other country to be a viable and superior historical Nation.

We are too mature a democracy and historical nation to blindly and revengefully throw our leaders in jail. We realize their value too much and will yet work with them Democratically in accordance with our Buddhist heritage. What do you call the genocide of the Veddah and colonization of Ceylon by Indo-Aryan speaking invaders who started Sinhala civilization.

That history is too far in antiquity. That history is of all of the human race since the jump to the new level from pre-history. If that is too far in the past then why do Sinhalese keep saying Lanka is theirs, which is clearly meant to point out that Sinhalese colonized Lanka before Tamils. You seem to be still living in the very ancient past more than years or so and saying things as if you were there during that ancient period.

Are you dreaming or hallucinating, hearing voices in the head, visualizing living in the ancient time? Are you sure you are alright?

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It is advisable to consult a specialist Psycho as soon as you can before it get worse. Not at all. Colonization ruined it, but Sri Lanka can come up again as the beauty she is with correct procedure, especially by this present Gosl working on the foundations of the old Gosl. Sri Lanka belongs to all the communities that live as citizens and they have to find a way to solve their own problems.

I think neither country in the world has a single source of history to rely on nor they bother about. Sri Lankan people are going through the same crisis some countries in Europe would have gone through some years, decades or centuries ago. With economic prosperity and development, religion, history, etc. This has happened as a result of economic development and their politicians identifying their priorities for the interest of their country. Even after 30 years of war and destruction the Sri Lankans are still living in the ancient past and has not learned any lessons.

I am sure the people of Sri Lanka will come to their senses one day perhaps after a lot of bloodbath and destruction has taken place. I wonder how many of the members of this forum who talk big about history, patriotism, etc really live in Sri Lanka to experience the real problems.

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Of course, there are many countries in the world with long historical underpinnings- Britain, France, Israel, Japan, China, and so many others. Saudi Arabia is completely uni-cultured on religiosity. India talks about secularism now, because their Hindu people are finally holding all the strings previous to that, there were not enough Hindu billionaires to show arrogance - they achieved their billionaire statuses within the Hindu non-secular culture.

Countries like US, Canada, Australia are nations of immigrants of recent times, and they have their own horror-story histories before they became nice and good. What we need is for Tamils and Muslims to show love and concern for majority Sinhalese and incorporate their heritage with Sinhalese-Buddhists. IQ tests are based on European brain strength. Each and every country should have different IQ-indices based on climatic conditions, histories, and religion. ALl ur writing is in vain. FIRST learn to address a sitting president.. IF you are a patriot. Dogs bark, while the caravan moves on….

Lankans living overseas can and are helping the country. One does not need to physically live in SL all the time to help the people of SL.


Anyway, this is social media, and so one is not expected to be too formal as that might kill spontaneity. America strives to be a nation devoid of race.

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That is their prerogative as they are a nation of immigrants. I feel I am doing so much more for Sri Lanka through social media that is hardly necessary for me to be there. Indeed, in being away from Sri Lanka, I have a more objective view of things.

Frankly it is insulting to the Native Americans for non natives to keep insisting America is a land of immigrants. They are still trying to commit more crimes by plotting against the new government by playing the communal card their only option. MR deserves a life time imprisonment. Nevertheless I would suggest if new govt would keep Wimal weerawanse away from very active politics, much more can be achieved towards reconciliation. Wimal weerawanse and his way of sinhala filthy can do much more harm to the nation- even worst to EBOLA the like viruses.

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Those minister becoming appointed to safeguard law and order respecting civil cultural values when using the langauge should work hard to this end if good goerannce to be achieved. All regligious men with and witout in reglious costumes will have to play a leading role in the latter issues. Be them muslims, buddhists, christs- they should be given equal rights in every ways. Like the incident occured in Aluthgama few months ago, any good governer should have investigated it to unbiased manner sending Ghanasara for example in jail — or a rehablitation camp — making him a lession, then the fellow monks would learn from the punishment given to him.

If all these would not work — he should be isolated and given psychotherapies to get him back to non-aggressive normal conditions. Was anybody of us happy the way the BBS leader betrayed the sinhala nation — not once very many times. The few supported him were coming from all violent walks of life. This was the case to Hambanthota and other high criminals attacked UNP fact finding mission so brutally.

What did MR do against them? He could make it a distinction between good and bad.. Loolawathie, what kinds of ill-words did you used in the past on the Minorities by sympathizing on the Saffron Robed thugs.

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  • You are a flippity flop humbug. I have not been against minorities. For me everyone born in sl are slankens. Should be able to have equal rights. I know Banda, Jimsofty, Abhaya and the many were attacking muslims of the country again and again. Bu tfor me, those who voted for MR — among them at least a significant number are though buddhists are not aware of the facts and figures of the MR rule. It should not be enforced just because the ruler has the authority to enforce the law. It must be done in a reasonable manner and with common sense.

    If MR tries to continue his scheming, as priority, a plaint should be filed against MR for the Helping Hambanthota fiasco and put him behind bars. MR went on to destabilize every political party, little that he realised that retribution paid him dearly by his own political base of the SLFP split beneath his feet.

    Serves the SOB perfectly. If MR tries to continue his skimming, as propriety, a plant should be piled against MR for sculpting the Humbugtota fresco and put it behind the oars.

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    MR went on to vulcanize every political party, little that he released that contribution paid him fairly by his own political debase of the SLFP split underneath his balls. Serves the BOSS perfectly.

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    However love you show to a wounded snake it will bite you at the end. Then why not you all bring him to law and penalize for all his ill doings and get back the money he and his all brothers, sons and other cathers robbed. A Presidential pardon is in the process for the ill gotten money, and a special military escort for the ex-president during his lifetime.

    That is not a problem at all for ranil as there have been many sitting on the fence,now they will jump.